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Why Rum?


is Rising

Rum is seeing global growth and is predicted to be worth $16.08 billion USD by 2028, up from $11.77 billion in 2022.

This popularity is already creating an increase in independent rum bottlers, which is important for rum barrel sales, as these bottlers are the end users of every barrel on the market. When you have a rise in bottlers, you have a rise in demand for barrels and can therefore expect an increase in prices over the next few years. 


How does it work?

We take care of your rum barrel


Once you register, Cask Trade will work with you to select the perfect rum barrel based on your individual goals. Whether that is a specific budget or exit period you have in mind.

We will manage the storage of your barrel in a warehouse, informing you of the number of litres, the alcohol content, and a sample - so we can accurately advise how your rum barrel is maturing.

We'll also be there when you'd like to sell or bottle your barrel, ensuring that you are aware of your options and guided through the process.



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Growing Across Key Markets 

Premium-plus rum is expected to see compound annual growth of +6% between 2021 and 2026.

Rare Rum

Rare Grenadian Rum 

Renegade Rum is a complex and high quality Grenadian rum. With the US and French markets already showing a large interest, this limited first batch could go quickly.

They use sugar cane juice, not molasses, getting flavour from the natural ingredients. The cane also comes from their own farms, so they can be sure of quality and origin. 

An island with fertile volcanic soil, microclimates, and varying altitudes - Grenada is the perfect place for growing sugar cane.


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Our Founder - Mark Reynier

From Scotland and Ireland to Grenada

With a background in the French wine industry, the importance of terroir has been a driving force in all of Reynier’s projects and Renegade Rum is no different.

Starting out on the west coast of Scotland, he bought the then -rundown Bruichladdich distillery and transformed its fortunes by using locally grown barley and much slower distillation techniques.

Encouraged by the success here, Reynier looked for the world’s highest quality barley and found that it grew near Waterford in Ireland. This was the inspiration behind - Waterford Distillery - another huge success.

Continuing this reputation on Grenada is an exciting prospect. 


Making history as Grenada's first all female distilling team

All Female Distilling Team

Whisky Investment

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