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At Cask Trade we believe that buying and selling casks are as important as one another. This creates a moving marketplace, sustainable and open to all.

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Buying Whisky Casks Business - Cask Trade

Buying Casks

Cask Trade make the whisky cask business simple and transparent. Our team has numerous whisky experts to guide you on your journey through the process. Purchasing a cask with us is a journey, and we’ll be there with you every step of the way, including when you are ready to cash in on your cask.

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Selling Whisky Casks Business - Cask Trade

Selling Casks

In the past, selling in the cask business has often been a complex transaction. At Cask Trade, we’re doing things differently to provide a simple, convenient way for you to realise your asset. Our auction site allows private cask owners, independent bottlers, and larger drinks companies to view and purchase your cask quickly and easily.

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