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“We are entrepreneurs, collectors, and whisky enthusiasts. We are eager to share our passion and expertise, and believe that by doing things differently, we can make a difference.”

With over 100 combined years in the industry, it's clear to see we have a passion and an innate love for the liquid - we treat your cask as a whisky and not just a commodity. Then, when it eventually comes to selling your whisky cask, with a number of in-house exit options the process is easy and transparent. Meet the Masters of Whisky Appreciation behind Cask Trade.

Simon Aron Whisky Investor - Cask Trade Whisky Masters

Simon Aron

An experienced entrepreneurial angel and investor, Simon has helped get tech start-ups, medical technology, and agricultural ventures around the world off the ground. He is highly experienced in financial modelling, fund management and building companies.

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Lee Tomlinson Whisky Cask Sales - Cask Trade Whisky Masters

Lee Tomlinson

Lee has a decade of experience in the drinks trade, having sold thousands of whisky casks over the years. He started his career in sales at Jeroboams, then quickly progressed into management at the iconic Milroy’s of Soho, taking part in the store returning to independent ownership. Following this, he built the cask sales division at Woolfsung Wine & Spirits Merchants.

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Colin Hampden-White Whisky Magazine Editor - Cask Trade Whisky Masters

Colin Hampden-White

Colin is a Keeper of the Quaich and sits on the judging panel at the Whisky Awards. 

Colin was born in Scotland, where he attended the University of Edinburgh. Among his many skills, he is a professional and artistic photographer for the National Portrait Gallery, Conde Nast, and Lux. He is also a journalist for The Times, FT and The Scotsman. As well as an editor of the Whisky Quarterly magazine, and Drink Me magazine. Besides his regular appearances in print and on television, Colin is also a presenter on Whiskyradio.com and contributes to several podcasts.

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Myriam Mackenzie International Whisky Sales - Cask Trade Whisky Masters

Myriam Mackenzie - Senior Account Manager

Growing up in the heart of Speyside whisky has been a part of Myriam’s heritage from a young age, with 5 distilleries within walking distance of her hometown. What started out as a tour guide job at Glenfiddich soon turned into an international career in whisky, from family-owned Glenfarclas distillery to the widely acclaimed William Grant & Sons. Regularly traveling to export markets across the globe, with international sales and single cask bottlings as her focus, Myriam has built an impressive 8-year career in the Scotch whisky industry.

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Hugh Troup Whisky Sales - Cask Trade Whisky Masters

Hugh Troup

- Sales & Marketing Manager

Hailing from Edinburgh and being raised in a family that was involved in the Scotch whisky industry, Hugh’s career path was set in stone. After training as a Chef, traveling Europe, and living in Australia, Hugh came back to the UK and worked in the Edinburgh cocktail-bar scene, quickly progressing onto The Scotch Whisky Experience as a Masterclass tutor. From there he ended up at Edrington-Beam Suntory UK, selling their prestigious Bowmore & Macallan portfolios.

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Josh Wood Whisky Sales - Cask Trade Whisky Masters

Josh Wood

- Sales & Marketing Manager

Josh broke into the Whisky World when he joined Cask Trade in 2020 after ten years as a dedicated Whisky Enthusiast and having built a successful career in commercial sales. He is highly active in London’s booming Cigar Scene and competes in Amateur Motor Racing at a National level. 

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Jack Crozier Whisky Sales - Cask Trade Whisky Masters

Jack Crozier - Sales & Marketing Manager

Jack is from Scotland’s Central Belt region, and he went from working in the hospitality industry to forging a very successful career in Scotch whisky. Spells working for the illustrious giants of Beam-Suntory, Edrington and Pernod Ricard have helped in building an exemplary knowledge of the whisky world.

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Jordan Edwards - Sales & Marketing Manager

Jordan’s passion for Scotch Whisky was ignited during his Edinburgh student days when working as a bartender in one of the city’s most prestigious venues. A year at the Scotch Whisky Experience beckoned before an International Brand Ambassador role with Chivas Brothers took him to promote their brands in India. Before Cask Trade he also spent time working in the Chivas Brothers blending team in Dumbarton and Pernod Ricard’s sales team in London.

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Zak Newmarch - Sales & Marketing Executive

Zak has worked across the drinks industry for 12 years and always finds himself returning to whisky. He cut his teeth in Michelin-starred and award-winning bars, before moving to Pernod Ricard, where he looked after a select portfolio of Irish whiskeys, Scotch, and cognac. Latterly, he worked in industry-leading e-commerce and drinks start-ups, and he holds a General Certificate of Distilling, so we know Zak truly appreciates every element of a whisky's journey from grain to glass.

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Bonnar Fulton - Sales & Marketing Executive

Raised in Ayrshire on the West Coast of Scotland, Bonnar fell in love with Whisky having been asked to work a shift at the prestigious Keepers of the Quaich whilst a student at the University of Dundee. Since graduating from University, Bonnar has worked for Chivas Regal as a Brand Ambassador in the Philippines before joining Johnnie Walker as part of the team to launch their flagship brand home on Princes Street, Edinburgh.

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Sarah Leonard Whisky Sales - Cask Trade Whisky Masters

Sarah Leonard - Head of Sales for Australia & New Zealand

Hailing from the Emerald Isles but now based down under in Sydney, it is safe to say that Sarah is our Irish whiskey expert, having spent time as Tullamore Dews US Brand Ambassador. However, her knowledge of Scotch whisky is very impressive too having previously worked for William Grant & Sons.

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John Wong Whisky Sales Hong Kong - Cask Trade Whisky Masters

John Wong - Hong Kong Sales & Marketing Director

Before joining Cask Trade, John Wong was a customer of the company. After years of bar-hopping and meeting fellow whisky enthusiasts, John was introduced to Cask Trade. 

Impressed by the ethos and passion of the business, John decided that a career in whisky cask trading was his next port of call. John has taken the helm for the Cask Trade Hong Kong team and through his expert knowledge of whisky, he has guided the team to new heights.

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