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Private Client Services

Cask Trade are stockists not brokers meaning we own all the whisky casks we sell. We offer the same prices to private clients as the trade, and we are there to help advise and guide you through every step on your cask ownership journey.

5 genuine in-house exit strategies

1. We will always make an offer to buy back your cask.

2. We can sell the cask on your behalf after agreeing a price.

3. You can sell your cask privately which we can help facilitate.

4. You can sell your cask through our in-house Auction Your Cask site.

5. We can bottle your cask through our sister company Regents Street Cask Bottlers.

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Whisky Cask Management

For a small fee, we can provide a health check for your whisky cask. This will inform you of the number of litres, the alcohol content, and a sample so we can accurately advise our whisky cask private clients on how their cask is maturing.

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Whisky Cask Selection Private Clients - Cask Trade

Cask Selection

Cask Trade will work with you to select the perfect whisky or rum casks for you, based on your individual goals, whether that is a specific budget, exit period or distillery that you have in mind. You can start with a single cask, or you can work with your dedicated Cask Trade account manager to build a mixed portfolio of casks, with a variety of exit points, offering you the opportunity to generate income throughout your investment period. Individual casks start from around £2,000, and we can build mixed portfolios to match any budget. We can also facilitate bottling your cask upon request.

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Whisky Cask Insurance Private Clients - Cask Trade

Cask Trade Insurance 

If your whisky cask is held under our WOWGR, we can provide a quote for the year and can insure your cask under our stock insurance which is very comprehensive and underwritten by Aviva. The annual premium starts at £50+vat and depends on the TOTAL value of your casks. Please contact us for further details.

Whisky Cask Storage Private Clients - Cask Trade

Cask Storage

Invoiced to the customer every January in arrears – approximately £40-£50 for a hogshead or barrel and approximately £50-£60 for a sherry butt per year (dependent on the warehouse).

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Whisky Cask Samples & Regauges Private Clients - Cask Trade

Samples & Reguages 

Based on serious interest and the availability of the specific sample, the first sample of the cask the customer is interested in buying is free. Once the whisky or rum cask has been purchased, and if the customer chooses to not bottle it straight away but instead mature it longer, the sample cost is approximately £50-£100 per cask (+ postage for the sample). Similarly, the regauge cost is approx. £50-£100. The price depends on the cask and the warehouse where it is located. Cask Trade requests samples/ regauges from the specific warehouse and invoices the customer accordingly. This is part of our service based on Cask Trade being the Duty Representative for the customer and holding casks under the customer’s name but under Cask Trade WOWGR (warehouse license).

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