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About Cask Trade

At Cask Trade, we have united people from across the whisky industry into our business. We are collectors, we are whisky cask sales professionals, and we are masters of tasting and grading whisky. It goes without saying, we’re also huge enthusiasts.


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About Us 

What we stand for

Founded in 2018 and run by whisky and spirits masters, Cask Trade is unique because we own all the casks before we sell them, giving our customers 100% transactional guarantee. We’ve created an open and trustworthy marketplace, meaning not only do we buy casks, but we also sell them too. We pride ourselves on honesty and transparency. We are the only cask company that sells to collectors, investors, and trade bottlers, demonstrating the trust for Cask Trade within the industry.

In five years we have grown exponentially, opening offices in both the UK and Hong Kong to service the entire APAC region, with agents in Australia, Singapore, India and the USA. Our success has been founded on acquiring stock to suit every type of customer, including Scotch Whisky, Irish Whiskey, and Rum, and we have built the largest sample library available in the UK.

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Meet the Founder - Simon Aron

As an established entrepreneur and passionate whisky collector for more than 25 years, Simon suffered many false promises from whisky investment companies - this fuelled his ambition to create an authentic, inclusive marketplace for private clients and trade. He wanted to enable all types of whisky enthusiasts to enter the market, whether it be for a romantic journey or for returns as an alternative asset.

Simon has recently spoken in MoneyWeek on drams & scams, The Drinks Business about the importance of Independent Bottlers and Wealth Briefing on the growing investment market for cask whisky.

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How We Work

Cask Trade are proud stockists of an unparalleled stock list with 500+ casks at any one time of varying ages from over 90 Scottish distilleries. Our company is UK-based, fully HMRC licensed with the relevant certification (WOWGR, AWRS, EORI), and has developed a distinctive health/quality check process. From grain to cask to bottle, we manage the full life cycle of the whisky and will provide samples of your cask upon request. We also offer exit services as well as buying services. This includes five in-house resale options for your cask, consisting of a buy-back guarantee and our own auction platform. The aim is to keep our pricing transparent and fair for all. Whether you’d love to turn a passion for aging spirit into a profit or bottle it for your own enjoyment, Cask Trade can help you achieve your goal. We look forward to your company on the journey and enjoying a dram or two together along the way!

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Our Story

With over 100 combined years in the industry, it's clear to see Cask Trade have a passion and an innate love for the liquid - we treat your cask as a whisky and not just a commodity. Then, when it eventually comes to selling your cask, with a number of in-house exit options the process is easy and transparent.

Our Story
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Cask Trade Family

Cask Trade now has offices in London and Hong Kong. We also have our sister in-house sites of Auction Your Cask and our bottling service Regent Street Cask Bottlers.

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