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Cask Trade now has offices in London and Hong Kong. We also have our sister in-house sites of Auction Your Cask and our whisky bottling service Regent Street Cask Bottlers.

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Regent Street Cask Bottlers

Regent Street Cask Bottlers was born out of a desire to offer our customers this added whisky cask bottlers service and meet the increase in demand we have seen for pure and natural spirit from the whisky cask. We’re not an Independent Bottler, but we can bottle for you. From cask to bottle, we’re here to help you complete the journey.

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Auction Your Cask

Our in-house online auction site holds four auctions every year.  This service provides an extra exit strategy for our customers. We are the first, live, cask-dedicated online auction platform in the world and with 0% sellers’ fees, it is the perfect opportunity to sell your cask to our global audience.

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Hong Kong

Opened in May 2021 it now supports the needs of our increasing Asian customer base, providing service to the whole of Asia and the APAC region.

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