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If, like us, you appreciate the art of whisky making, the uniqueness of the single cask and the inimitable finish of an excellent dram, why not consider investing in your passion? Like many of the finer things in life, whisky becomes better, and more valuable as it ages. By investing in whisky while it matures safely in the caskyou can own it while it improves over time. And look forward to seeing its potential value increase.

Enjoying a quality malt is one of life’s real pleasures. Owning a quality whisky while it ages to perfection is surely a very close second. When the time is right you can have your cask bottled, keep it for future generations or gift it to mark a special occasion. Or simply sell your cask and enjoy the returns.

Recently we’ve added rum casks to our full-menu stock list, so be sure to get in touch if you are interested to find out more or have any rum cask queries

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“I think it’s worth investing in Whisky, but it’s harder and harder to invest in the right bottles. Casks on the other hand are much easier. Make sure you choose a good company to buy from though. Cask Trade is a good place to start. I am a non-executive director on their board and know they are trustworthy.” – Sir Colin Hampden-White, Cask Trade’s Non-Executive Director

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Cask Trade was one of the first fully legit companies I’ve come across. I now see Simon as a friend and I’ve been to a whisky tasting at his house. He got into it in the same was as me - from a love of whisky, to collecting bottles and then buying casks. The team Simon has assembled really know their stuff and it’s a great way to do business. It’s not just a business to buy and sell, it’s a ‘look after your customer’ kind of business and they have been happy to advise me on other casks I’ve bought elsewhere.

James S.

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I am new to cask investment; I recently brought a cask and tasted it. I would like to give some praise to Josh who helped me through the process, without his advice I would never have thought about investing in whisky. I feel quite excited to have my own barrel, and I just wanted to praise Josh's professional approach and assistance on my journey.

Graham M.

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I currently receive your stockist after purchasing a cask through Josh back in August to open my portfolio. I'm 100% happy with the service I have had to date and I look forward every week to the email released by the team with the latest offerings.

Ash P.

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I would happily recommend Cask Trade to anyone in our line of work who are looking for a reliable and professional cask stockist to work with. I am delighted with the level of professionalism and help that we have received with any and every approach that we have made towards them.

Viktorija M.

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Auction your cask

In the past, selling a cask and liquidating your assets was something of a challenge. Cask Trade provides a unique and simple solution, with our whisky cask auction which we manage through our sister website Our marketplace allows private cask owners, independent bottlers and larger drinks companies to view and buy casks, in an easy and convenient way. We handle any due diligence, and all payments and transfers of ownership to the buyer.

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