Our Cask Services 

Over 50% of our clients are independent bottlers, so it’s safe to say we’re trusted by the industry, which ultimately will be the end destination of your cask. We also supply to whisky clubs, and of course, avid whisky enthusiasts.

We also offer a whisky bottling service – Regent Street Cask Bottlers and our in-house auction site AuctionYourCask.com

Trade Clients

We are proud to say that we are the only company that services the trade and independent bottlers on almost every continent worldwide. As a stockist, we own every cask we sell and are in a position to send out samples to any location globally.

If you also require labelling, packaging and bottling then we provide these whisky cask services also. 

Trade clients
Whisky Investment Guide

Private Clients

We own every cask in our inventory which means we stand behind everything we offer. Our prices are the same for everyone whether you are a private individual or a large trade customer.

We will be with you at every stage of your cask journey providing samples, health checks and expert advice to help you maximise the full potential of your portfolio.

Private clients
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