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In the past, a whisky cask for sale has often been a complex transaction. At Cask Trade, we’re doing things differently to provide a simple, convenient way for you to realise your asset. Our auction site allows private cask owners, independent bottlers, and larger drinks companies to view and purchase your cask quickly and easily.

We can offer FIVE clear, genuine exit strategies.

You can auction it

We can sell the whisky cask for sale through our dedicated auction platform, Auction Your Cask.

Next whisky auction starts mid March 2024! 

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Whisky Cask For Sale Bottled - Cask Trade

You can bottle it

You have the option to bottle your cask which again we can facilitate through our trusted partners, Regents Street Cask Bottlers.

Regent Street Cask Bottlers
Whisky Cask For Sale Stock List - Cask Trade

We can sell it on your behalf

We agree on a price and then sell the cask through our stock list adding a 15% buyer’s premium.

Investing In Whisky Casks
Whisky Cask For Sale Privately - Cask Trade

You can sell it privately 

We will help to facilitate any private sale.

Whisky Cask For Sale Buy Back - Cask Trade

Let us buy your cask back

We will always make an offer for your whisky cask for sale.

Whisky Investment Guide

Selling Form

You can submit the details of your cask using this form. Don’t worry if you don’t have all the answers. We can help you find the information you need.

Whisky Cask Ownership Guide - Cask Trade

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