I’ve never bought a whisky cask before - can I buy from Cask Trade?

Buying a cask from Cask Trade is open to everyone.

Whether you are new to the world of whisky, or looking to diversify an existing portfolio, our goal is to help you choose the right cask.

When you register with Cask Trade, you’ll speak to a dedicated account manager. It is our job to understand your unique requirements and guide you through the process. 

There is never any expectation or pressure to make a quick decision. We will keep you updated with what we have in stock and will tailor our recommendations to your budget and taste.

Do you sell more than one cask at a time?

Yes - we can sell multiple casks at once. 

Many of our private clients want to buy one cask at a time. However, we also have many clients who buy multiple casks for trade or bottling purposes.

What cask should I buy?

This is up to you, the first thing to consider when buying a cask is what you want to get out of cask ownership - are you looking to hold as an investment or would you want to bottle it later down the line? 

Your budget and taste is also unique to you and will impact what casks we recommend.

Part of our partnership with you is to explore these questions and really understand your goals. 

At Cask Trade, the door is always open to come in for a tasting, or call up your account manager for a conversation.

How do I sell my whisky cask or rum cask?

We believe selling casks is just as important as buying to maintain a sustainable marketplace. At Cask Trade, we can help you sell or bottle you cask when the time is right. 

If you are looking to sell, we can help you connect with our global community who may be interested, help you set up a private sale, or even list your cask for auction via our own auction platform, Auction Your Cask.

Alternatively, if you want to enjoy your whisky for yourself or a special occasion, we can take the bottling admin away from you through Regent Street Cask Bottlers, our very own bottling service.

What is the difference between investor and trade?

You may have seen ‘investor’ and ‘trade’ on our website, or even discussed within the whisky community. 

An Investor, or private client, is simply purchasing a cask to hold for investment purposes or even to bottle for themselves at a later date. 

A trade client  is purchasing for the purpose of selling on or supplying whisky on a commercial scale. This may be a small bottler, or someone who works in the hospitality industry.

What is the difference between a whisky stockist and broker?

Stockists own all the casks they are selling, therefore they can give a 100% guarantee of transfer of ownership when they sell a cask. Brokers arrange transactions between buyers and sellers and therefore do not own the casks.

How do I know my whisky cask is genuine?

Due to strict government controls, each cask has a paper trail known as a ‘Delivery Order’ and a unique cask number. Casks cannot be forged or faked, they provide a very secure way to purchase high-quality whisky.

What documents will I receive as proof of ownership?

When you buy a cask or multiple casks from us, you will receive a few documents both digitally and physical copies mailed to you.

These are the contract of sale (legal document), certificate of ownership, and transfer of title letter.

Where is my cask stored?

All casks are stored in an HMRC approved bonded warehouse. All warehouses are regulated under strict guidelines.

There are three types of storage: dunnage, racked and palletised - this will depend on the warehouse.

Can I visit my whisky cask?

In unique cases, we may be able to arrange a visit. However, this depends on where the cask is stored as most warehouses are closed to the public. Majority of warehouses store thousands of casks so individual casks are not always easily accessible.

Are there any annual fees?

An annual storage fee is charged. This is invoiced in arrears for the previous year and is invoiced per cask. An optional additional fee would be for insurance. This is calculated on the value of your portfolio and renewed yearly.

What are the storage charges?

Surprisingly reasonable. Storage costs between 40 and 70 pence a week, but this may vary on warehouse and size of cask.

How can I insure my whisky cask?

We have a company insurance policy that has been negotiated through Lloyd’s of London and Aviva insurance for all the bonded warehouses across Scotland (exceptions and excesses apply).

Can you look after my whisky cask or rum cask if I am located outside the UK?

Yes. We’re fully licensed to be your duty representative if you are based outside the UK.

Can I sample my whisky or rum cask?

Yes, our team can help organise this. 

Samples usually take between 4-6 weeks and will usually cost between £50-£100 per sample. All samples are requested via your account manager.

Depending on the age of your cask, you may wish to request a re-gauge at the same time as a sample. A re-gauge is simply a health check on the cask which will tell us the current litres of alcohol and ABV.

Can I bottle my cask?

Yes, we can help make bottling your cask easy through Regent Street Cask Bottlers, our very own bottling service.

However, bottling can be an expensive exit as you need to take into consideration bottling and labelling costs, duty and taxes, and shipping.

We are more than happy to help you create anything from a corporate gift, celebration bottling, or just for your private collection.

Can I auction my cask

At Cask Trade we can help you sell your cask when the time is right. One method of sale is through our auction site, Auction Your Cask.

We hold three auctions per year where Cask Trade clients, as well as the wider public, can enter casks to auction and bid to buy others.

If you want to get involved in the next auction, you can register online at auctionyourcask.com or speak to a member of our team who can talk you through the process in more detail.

Do you sell other spirits?

Although we primarily stock casks of whisky, we are pleased to offer opportunities for our clients to buy different spirits from us. Firmly believing that a diverse portfolio is a strong one.

Most notably, we have an exclusive relationship with Renegade Rum, an impressive rum distillery based in Grenada. The standards it has set across ingredients, production, and maturation, mean it's one of the most exciting distilleries in the category.

How can I keep up to date with your stocklist?

Keep up to date with our regular new stock by registering with an online account. 

From here, you will receive stock highlight emails and if you can’t wait for those, you can check out your dashboard. You’ll find an up to date stocklist that will allow you to enquire about any casks that you are interested in.