Rum Appreciation

John Wong

Rum casks In recent years, single cask rum has been favoured by many a whisky connoisseur as a "malternative". Rum is produced by a process of fermentation and distillation, followed by aging in oak casks. You may notice this is comparable to whisky to a large extent. The raw material of rum typically comes from sugarcane by-products, such as molasses, or directly from fresh sugarcane juice (rhum agricole). This highly depends on the region of production. The Caribbean and Latin America have a long history of being recognised as the cradle of famed rum producers. Although in the modern age, great rums are produced just about everywhere in the world. Many whisky-lovers have encountered a common problem when they first dive into the world of rum, as there is little to no universal standards or classifications in rum.

For example, Jamaican rum has different tiers of ester levels in their liquid and Guyana rum uses various usage of stills; pot stills, column stills, or even wooden stills... Fortunately, our knowledgeable team at Cask Trade are on hand to answer any queries you may have surrounding rum and rum cask investment. What's more, we can help you to understand which casks to buy for whatever purpose suits you. Be it for investment, bottling or purely for your enjoyment, get in touch with us. We will embark on the journey of rum with you!

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