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Clarendon Estate Jamaica Rum

Clarendon Estate distillery in Jamaica is one of the four major rum producers on the island. It's also part of the National Rums group. The bulk of the rum they produce goes off to be blended into various rum brands like Captain Morgan. However, they do produce their own very high-quality premium brand which is called Monymusk. This is a blend of much older-aged rum casks. At the distillery itself, they have a variety of different stills. From column stills producing very light rum, to pot stills producing the heavier more traditional Jamaican style rum. The Monymusk rum we recently tried in the office was a nine-year-old and came in at 62%... It had really aged well in the tropical heat with a lot of rich nutmeg and spice flavours. These were underpinned with pineapple and tobacco leaf.  

Clarendon Estate distillery is probably the least well-known of the four Jamaican producers. This is most likely due to them making rum for a variety of other companies' brands. However, rum's proven its worth and its versatility as a whole has attributed to its huge market growth, which is forecast to continue over the next five years and beyond. Clarendon Estate in particular we believe is one to watch. The pot still rum they produce is excellent and in our opinion, is well worth adding to any rum cask portfolio.

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