Regent Street Cask Bottlers

Vicky Major

Introducing Regent Street Cask Bottlers - Your Bespoke Bottlers of the Finest Cask Spirits

We're proud to present our new and unique bottling service for trade and private clients. Regent Street Cask Bottlers was born out of a desire to offer our customers an additional service and exit strategy for their cask, and to meet the increase in demand we have seen for pure and natural cask-strength spirit. We make cask bottling easy. We are not an independent bottler, but we can bottle for you. Simply select a cask from our stock list and have it bottled, buy a cask pre-bottled or if you don't want to purchase a full cask, we can bottle a half cask. We aim to take the stress out of the process of bottling and labelling. Regent Street Cask Bottlers Have you ever dreamed of having your own personally-branded whisky? Regent Street Cask Bottlers Our retail and hospitality clients for the first time now have the ability to buy bottles of cask strength spirit (whisky, rum etc.) instead of buying the entire cask. For our private clients, bottling a cask is an extraordinary and pleasurable experience, where you become the keeper of something unique. Now you have the option to design your own label for that special occasion, whether it be work, friends, or family. When selecting your whisky to bottle you have access to our unrivalled inventory of casks. From well-known and much-loved whisky brands to casks from secret distilleries, the only hard bit will be choosing which one. We offer five different options for your labelling journey, and two different bottle types:
  1. Off the Shelf - Complete bottling by Regent Street Cask Bottlers using our template.

  2. Dedicated Bottling - Regent Street Cask Bottlers branding but with your own 'specially bottled for' dedication.

  3. Our Template. Your Brand and Logo - This is your product, with only a small strip label referencing that your spirit has been 'supplied by' 'Regent Street Cask Bottlers' or 'Bottled by Cask Trade'.

  4. Your Brand and Logo. Your Template - Your personal branding using your own regular template, with only a small strip label referencing that your spirit has been 'supplied by' 'Regent Street Cask Bottlers' or 'Bottled by Cask Trade'.

  5. Bespoke - You supply us with your own labelling designs, or we can organise someone to design it for you.*

    Bottle mock-ups
When it comes to the cask bottling, you are in control. Whether you want to put your personal stamp on the bottle, or would like to create your own brand, we have a variety of options to choose from. With decades of expertise among us, we are the Masters of Whisky Appreciation and we’ll guide you every step of the way. We are your expert guide through the cask spirit marketplace. For further information visit: *SWA-approved labels only