How about whisky investment

done properly?

Whether you’re looking to turn your passion into profit, or simply diversify your investment portfolio, we’re here to help. 
At Cask Trade, we provide a trusted marketplace for trading and handling whisky casks, and unlike our competitors we don’t just sell, we buy it too. We own all our casks, and we’re not brokers, we’re stockists. Anything that goes on our stocklist is owned outright, and we verify each one before it appears on our stock list, so you can be confident that your cask is genuine.

Why choose cask trade?

Cask Trade can guide you through the journey of buying, selling and bottling your own cask.You might like your whisky floral or smoky, but with our choice and variety we can cater for most tastes. Whisky is one of the rare commodities that appreciates over time and we’re committed to helping you get the most from your whisky cask investment. But that’s not all that distinguishes us from our competitors:

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Our exceptional stock list from the top distilleries.

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Our expert, experienced team.

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Our easy-to-access exit strategies, including the opportunity to sell your cask via our stock list or dedicated auction site, Auction Your Cask, at no cost to you.

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Our transparent buying and selling process that puts you in control.

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We offer total financial and quality control that you don’t get elsewhere. We’re also fully licensed directly with HMRC.

If you are ready to start investing now you can register to become a member.

We’ll drink to that!

Estimated accumulative returns:


22% – 40%


60% – 80%


97% – 180%




There’s whisky investment. And there’s whisky investment done properly.

At Cask Trade, we provide a trusted market place for the buying and selling of cask whisky. Casks have the edge over bottles for long-term profits. As specialists in our field, we can offer access to rare casks, for private and trade investors. Good casks from well known distillers are not readily available - there is not an endless supply.

As Masters of Whisky Appreciation, we are passionate about the contents and quality of our casks. We buy them outright. Therefore, because we own them we can offer quality control; we are able to regauge, health check and sample casks, before they go on our stock list. We also offer hassle-free exit strategies, with the opportunity to tap into our global client base of independent bottles and investors. It means you can be confident about every aspect of your investment from start to finish.



How to buy a whisky cask


First, decide whether you’re buying for growth, pleasure, or both.


Choose a cask, or casks, that suit you. We offer casks from a wide range of distilleries and of different types and sizes. We also offer portfolios ranging from £1500 to over £1m.


Once you have paid for your cask, you’ll receive the official documentation, including your receipt and Ownership Certificate.


Your cask will be safely stored and matured for you. All whisky casks must be stored in HMRC regulated bonded warehouses, often at the distillery. Each cask is assigned a number on the date of fill, and has a unique paper trail known as a delivery order which follows the cask through its life.


You can bottle your whisky and enjoy it at any time - or keep it, and enjoy the returns when you sell. You own a tangible asset, and what happens next is up to you.

Meet the Masters of WHISKY Appreciation

Simon Aron

Founder of Cask Trade

Simon’s love of a fine dram is matched only by his experience in financial modelling and fund management. As a whisky collector for over 20 years, Simon has acquired a large collection of casks along with 1000s of bottles of whisky. He brings a wealth of experience to the business, and infectious enthusiasm. His values are built on a reputation that includes, honesty, transparency, backed-up by solid due diligence and risk management. Find out more about Simon


The Trader

Lee has sold thousands of quality whisky casks over the years. Having spent the last decade working with the top names in the drinks trade, he is regarded as one of the industry’s leading specialists for the sourcing and valuation of casks. Find out more about Lee


The Keeper

A respected Keeper of the Quaich, Colin is a regular guest on TV (The Three Drinkers – Amazon Prime) and numerous podcasts. He sits as a judge for the World Whisky Awards and the IWSC. He also writes about whisky for The Times, FT and The Scotsman, as well as being an award winning photographer. Find out more about Colin

“The murky world of buying whisky casks is now clear with Cask Trade”

Sir Colin Hampden-White 

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