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Secret Islay Cask Whisky

The rumours are true! We now have some very high-quality 30-year-old whisky from a famous Secret Islay distillery, which has got the staff at Cask Trade salivating with excitement. Sir Colin Hampden-White had the extremely 'difficult' job of sampling a dram of this very special liquid. You can watch his tasting video here. So why will these casks be called ‘Secret Islay’? Well, it all comes down to naming rights. Some distilleries are very happy to have their name on the casks and subsequently for the Independent Bottlers to promote their brand, whilst others want to protect their core range bottle offering, so they take away the naming rights. Obviously in this case we can’t reveal the distillery name.

However what we can say is that it is a very famous well-known distillery, which makes incredible whisky! It could be the distillery that has a huge cult following, with its disciples travelling from all over the world, to make a pilgrimage to its hallowed gates. Its special releases cause so much excitement, that the cultists will camp out for days to get hold of a bottle. 

It could be the distillery with the very high phenols which pioneered the peat freak phenomenon, which also certainly has its own share of devotees and is arguably the most famous distillery on the island. Finally, it could be the other member of The Kidalton Three. Possibly not as smoky as the other two members but with a huge reputation in terms of quality and diversity of casks used. 

One thing to be absolutely sure, of from an investor's point of view, is that this is a rare opportunity to buy one of the most sought after, most famous whiskies, in Scotland. Your exit strategy is certain, as there will be a whole host of other private clients and eventually Independent Bottlers, lined up to get their hands on this whisky. We don’t envisage it staying very long on our stock list. There is though one potential pitfall we feel compelled to mention, which is the temptation to bottle and drink your cask might be overwhelming. You know what to do. 

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