Mauritius Rum (La Bourdonnaise Distillery)

Cask Trade

Mauritius Rum is produced on Mauritius, a tropical island paradise situated east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. The island was first a Dutch, then French, then British colony but even though they have been growing an abundance of sugar cane for centuries there was no history of rum production. This would seem surprising at first glance, but as the locals don’t drink, and the British had an abundance of rum being produced from their Caribbean islands, a law was passed banning production. Even more surprising was that this wasn’t repealed until 2006...!

Now there are six producers on the island and La Bourdonnaise Distillery is slowly getting recognised. A number of bottlings of Mauritius Rum from La Bourdonnaise Distillery have started to appear and there is a particularly good one available by Masters of Malt which has been aged in Sherry Butts - the reviews are good. The rum is made from sugar cane juice and distilled in column stills situated in a stunning old plantation house. Production is currently quite small, but sales are starting to take off around Asia.  One thing for certain is that rum is finally on the rise after threatening to increase in popularity for many years. Mauritius Rum Casks are the new kids on the block but an exciting addition to any portfolio.

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