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Exciting times at the Glen Moray (pronounced mur-ree) distillery. Formerly a brewery that in 1897 was converted into a distillery to take advantage of the late Victorian whisky boom, Glen Moray Distillery is located in Speyside just outside the town of Elgin, and production has reached a very healthy 5.5 million litres per year and a fermentation time of 60 hours. Today most of the production goes into the million-plus case brand Label 5 which is very popular in the world’s largest Scotch whisky market – France.

However, since 1999 sales of the Single Malt have been steadily increasing with a whole host of interesting distillery bottlings being released. In more recent times a number of cask finishes have come onto the market with port, Madeira, Chenin Blanc, Rhum Agricole, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Burgundy and of course a Sherry cask finish as well. In 2015 they released a very well-received peaty version. This exciting innovation has certainly driven sales and reputation and is another distillery that is moving up the ranks…

Fact File 

Name: Glen Moray 

Founded: 1876 

Region: Speyside 

Owner: La Martiniquaise 

Capacity: 5.7m litres 

Stills: 9 

Fermentation: Varied 65 to 106 hours 

Peated/Unpeated: 99% Unpeated, 1% peated 

Casks Used: Bourbon, Sherry and numerous finishes including wine, rum, port, Madeira  

Current Sales: N/A 

Recent significant awards: 2021 World Whisky Awards - Bronze Medal for 21yr Port Wood Finish – Silver Medal for Burgundy Cask Finish. 

Independent bottlings: Around 1200  Core Range: Classic NAS, Port Finish NAS, Chardonnay Finish NAS, Sherry NAS, Peated NAS, 10, 12, 15, 18.   

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