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Ben Nevis distillery lies just outside Fort William in the dramatic landscape of the West Highlands and under the shadow of the mountain of the same name. The distillery can trace its history back to 1825 but in all honesty, it had quite a chequered, difficult history until it was bought by Japanese distiller Nikka. This was a very savvy move as Nikka had been buying malt from the distillery to blend into its own brands of Japanese whisky. Production is now up to two million litres with a fermentation time of 48 hours and under Nikka a visitor centre has opened and the whole place has enjoyed a makeover.

Distillation is very slow and steady and this contributes to a rich full-bodied new make spirit which has a reputation of aging particularly well in Sherry Butts. Here at Cask Trade HQ we rave about the Ben Nevis 10 year old which is rare praise indeed. In fact, it is very hard to find much Ben Nevis on the marketplace in general. Ben Nevis has certainly benefited by the rise and rise and rise of Japanese whisky as much of its Malt goes into producing some of these famous Japanese brands so there is certainly a fair amount of reflected glory. From an investment point of view, it is good quality malt and still very fairly priced. If any casks became available then snap them up especially if they are a sherry butt.

Fact File
Name: Ben Nevis 
Founded: 1825 
Region: Western Highlands 
Owner: Nikka Japan 
Capacity: 2m litres 
Stills: 4 
Fermentation: 48 hours 
Peated/Unpeated: Unpeated 95% / 5% Heavily peated with a phenol ppm of 40. 
Casks Used: Mainly bourbon 
Current Sales: N/A 
Recent significant awards: 2018 Triple Gold medal at the IWSC awards. 
Independent bottlings: Around 1350 
Core Range: 10-year only. 

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