Whisky casks up for sale in online auction 'first'

BBC News - 1 January, 2020

Writer for BBC News

Cask Whisky Investment CTTwo dozen barrels of Scotch whisky are being put up for sale in what is being billed as the world's first dedicated online auction for casks."

"The auction will feature a wide range of barrels, from a 2015 Glen Ord cask with a pre-sale estimate of £2,000-£3,000 to a Springbank 1995 sherry hogshead (£40,000-£50,000)."

The event will run from 22 January for 12 days.

It is the first of four planned this year by specialist firm Cask Trade.

The barrels have been submitted to the auction by private owners and investors.

Cask Trade said it had validated all the sellers and confirmed proof of ownership as well as the history of each cask.

The London-based company, which specialises in buying and selling "exceptional cask whiskies", was set up in 2018 by serial entrepreneur and whisky collector Simon Aron.

Whisky Investor Simon Aron

He founded the business after running out of space for his collection.

He explained: "I built up a collection of 2,000 bottles over nearly 25 years, and it drove my wife mad that I had so many of them stored under the stairs and in cupboards around our home."

"I started to look more at casks and decided to build a new marketplace for buyers and sellers."

"With the launch of auctionyourcask.com, we offer a fresh approach to selling whisky by the cask, not just the bottle."

Entries to the auction can be made until 10 January.

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