Where can I sell my whisky Cask Investment?

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Distilleries don’t buy your whisky cask investment

Whisky cask investment has become a popular option for many people. However, if someone is trying to sell you a cask and states that the distillery where it was made will buy it back in years to come, think again.

The reality is that established distilleries don’t do this very often. At Cask Trade, we have sold more than 8500 casks to investors and bottlers over the last five years, with 1400 of these being to bottlers at a value of over £20m. During this time, not a single cask was sold back to a distillery. Selling whisky casks back to a distillery is not a reliable exit plan to realise a profit on your whisky cask investment, so take time to understand your options before investing.

Who will buy my whisky cask Investment?

Independent bottlers or whisky investors are the main buyers. The former are the end users for almost all casks on the marketplace, whilst the latter are looking for an alternative investment that is tangible. Rather than rely on the extremely slim chance that a distillery will buy back their whisky, it is better to buy from distilleries with provenance that independent bottlers are more likely to want. Whisky ultimately has to be drunk and they are the best customers to do this. Crucially, keep as many exit options on the table as possible.

Whisky auctions at Cask Trade

You could use our online global auction platform – AuctionYourCask.com, sell on a consignment via Cask Trade’s stocklist, or through another third party. You may also want to bottle your whisky - Regent Street Cask Bottlers is our bottling service and can help guide you through the process with a variety of personalised label options.

Key Takeaway - if you are considering whisky investment and a company tells you that an established distillery will buy back your cask, stop and think - this almost never happens. It is better to trust reliable exit options such as independent bottlers, global auctions, or our stocklist.

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