When Should I Sell My Whisky Cask Investment?

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When Should I Sell My Cask Whisky Investment?

Buying a cask of whisky can be done for a variety of reasons. It might be to diversify your financial portfolio, to save for a rainy day, or you might just be a huge fan of whisky wanting to bottle and enjoy it. However, there are a few things to consider when it comes to selling, such as age and taste.

How old should my cask be?

Myriam Mackenzie, Senior Account Manager for Cask Trade says: “The age can be determined by market trends and traditions, for example some of the typical milestones are 10, 12, 15, 18, and 21 years of age. Companies are more likely to bottle at these ages because consumers are familiar with them” .

Cask Trades’s sales data supports this insight. Across 50 years’ worth of vintages, 38% of the whiskies that Cask Trade sells to independent bottlers are between 10-15 years old - making this the standout sweet spot for selling a cask to be bottled.

Does taste matter?

Taste is another important consideration when selling. Around the 10 year mark the whisky will still have a good deal of the natural spirit flavour as a primary influence. In whiskies with a longer fermentation time, this age showcases fruity ester driven drams.

As the whisky ages into 15 years, the cask influence is greater and the ABV is lower on account of the angels’ share. There is also a noticeable change to the mouthfeel of the whisky, as it begins to coat the tongue more and leave a longer finish.

Once a cask is past 15 years, monitoring for the amount of bottles left in a cask and crucially the taste of the whisky is recommended. A lot can change in this time and whiskies can go past their best, where wood overpowers any other flavours.

What we recommend at Cask Trade

When purchasing a cask whisky investment with the view to sell in the future, think about how long you can or want to hold it for. A longer hold, ensuring the cask doesn’t go below 40%, generally means a greater return. However, keep in mind the sweet spot. Give our expert team a call if you’re looking to sell your cask whisky investment and we would be happy to talk through your options.