We Know Our Way Around a Blend...


Enjoying a blended whisky Blended Whisky accounts for over 90% of Scotch. Almost every Scotch whisky distillery, including most of your favourite malts, sends the majority of their spirit for blending. Many single malt enthusiasts associate blended whisky with popular brands such as Famous Grouse, Bells and Grants. There’s a whole world of interesting blended Scotch out there waiting to be discovered! The blends we have to offer are available in single casks. Comprised of a base of delicate sweet grain whisky with dressings of single malts, they are chosen for their distillery flavour profiles in order to create the most rounded and balanced spirit possible. After over 20 years of these complex single malts and grain maturing together, the flavours become far more unified than they would in a normal blend. While the focus over the last few years has been on single malts, the industry is starting to see a rise in the popularity of independent blends. Whisky enthusiasts across the world have welcomed the return of a quality blended Scotch. The shift away from single malts, their artisanal nature and value for money has given blends a following among the younger generations. A famous name can’t sell a blend, only quality can. These casks are now fully mature and ready for bottling. They’re ideal for an independent bottler who’s looking to do something different. Or, simply for someone who wants to bottle an outstanding whisky.

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