Sell Your Cask Whisky Though Our Whisky Auction

Cask Trade

Do you have a whisky cask you’d like to sell but not sure where to start? At Cask Trade, we offer 5 different exit options to help you realise the profits from your cask investment, including Auction Your Cask.

Auction Your Cask - what is a whisky auction?

Selling cask whisky hasn’t always been a straightforward transaction which is why we decided to do things differently. Our auction site, Auction Your Cask, allows private cask owners, independent bottlers, and larger drinks companies from around the world to view and purchase your cask quickly and easily.

Who can participate in the auction?

There are no restrictions! All casks need to be bottled at some point so we often have whisky bottlers interested in purchasing casks via our auction. However, whether you are looking to sell your own cask investment or purchase someone else’s, Auction Your Cask is for everyone. You can register for the next auction by following the link provided. If you would like to sell a whisky cask, please get in touch with one of our expert team. We will happily provide a free valuation of your cask and  talk you through the process.

How long will the auction last?

The Auction starts on a Tuesday 12pm and runs for 7 days. It concludes the following Tuesday at 8pm, where the highest bidders will be immediately notified via email. We only accept bids while the auction is running and they must be made via the online platform.

Where does the cask whisky come from?

Typically, the casks in our auction are privately owned and are stored at different warehouses across Scotland. Evidence of cask ownership is required before a cask is entered into the auction which we can provide to successful bidders. 

Are there fees involved in the whisky auction?

  • For sellers: no charge
  • For buyers: 15% is added on top of the of the hammer price
  • Cask purchases are not subject to VAT 

What legal documents will I receive?

You will receive a receipt and written confirmation of transfer of ownership, certification, and/or a delivery order (DO) as soon as you make your cask purchase. After this point, you will be responsible for storage and insurance.

Want to learn more?

If you’re interested in selling a cask, or participating in our next auction, visit our How to Buy or How to Sell pages on our website, or get in touch and our expert team can talk you through the whisky investment process. Contact us today and we will be happy to help.