Meet the Masters - Josh 'Woody' Wood

Chloe Morant

  Josh Wood

Josh, one of our newest Sales & Marketing Executive Managers tells us about his enthralling Whisky journey, and how it all started with the humble 'Jack and Coke'...

How long have you worked for Cask Trade? Since September 2020.

What first ignited your passion for Whisky? Shortly after I turned 18 I was in the pub with a friend of mine who knew I enjoyed 'Jack and Coke' and offered to teach me about enjoying Scotch served neat. It was a good lesson and I've been doing continuous 'homework' ever since! 

What are your top three favourite Scotch whiskies and why? I have quite an eclectic palate! Bowmore 15 was the first 'proper' Whisky I enjoyed and it still holds a special place in my heart. Pound for pound my favourite 'Daily Dram' is Johnnie Walker Green Label and the variants, and for something special it would be a draw between Glenury Royal and Lochside - I love the history of lost distilleries but naturally knowing they're gone makes drinking the whisky bittersweet.

What are your top three favourite World whiskies and why? Chchibu On The way 2015, Stauning's Young Danish Rye 2016, and Red Breast 12. I find all three very, very distinct in extremely different ways and encountered them all a few years ago when I decided I wanted to try some different whiskies for a change. 

What are your favourite flavours? Which aspects of whisky are the most important for you? I enjoy both sweet and savoury flavours, depending on my mood. When choosing a whisky it'll depend if I'm pairing it with something, what I've eaten before, and even the climate and time of year, as well as what I'm doing when I drink it. People tend to laugh at how long I 'nose' a whisky for because I enjoy the aromas so much. I often get asked if I prefer smelling a whisky or tasting it but I haven't worked out the answer yet! 

Your favourite whisky cocktail? Perfect Manhattan, hands down.

Whisky with water or straight cask strength? Usually cask strength but I have lots of whiskies bottled at 'forty-something' which I enjoy. It's very rare that I prefer whisky with water added to what comes out the bottle and I absolutely never add ice!

What do you like most about Cask Trade? I'm surrounded by a great group of colleagues and incredible whisky which I get to share with enthusiasts all over the world. Cask Investment is an extremely exciting field and I enjoy being able to work for a Stockist and not a Broker. 

Why should people invest in Whisky Casks? With interest rates and property yields low (and traditional investments highly volatile), this is the perfect time to move into Alternative Assets. Only wine and whisky appreciate in a linear fashion, and by buying a cask (kept in a warehouse for under £50 per year) you needn't worry about storage (unlike bottles). The Scotch Whisky Boom shows no signs of abating with increased demand from emerging markets depleting stocks of quality aged single malt, which will continue to increase the value of maturing casks. Tasting your maturing whisky each year whilst your cask appreciates is a fun bonus on top!

To find out more about what Cask Trade can do for you, don't hesitate to contact the team today and let's talk whisky!