John’s HK Office Tipples – Braeval

John Wong

John and his dram

Braeval bottled by The Good Spirits HK, 1997/2021 58.4%, supplied by Cask Trade

From time to time I will share with you whisky lovers about drams I have at the office – we definitely do not promote worktime drinking – except when drinking is part of the job...! Indie bottlings have long been a field where drinkers and connoisseurs hunt for something “special” – may it be flavour profile, cask type, or even label design, indie bottlers never fail to amaze us. Last month we talked about how rare it is to see an indie Balvenie, today we are going to explore something more recent. Braeval Distillery, originally known as Braes of Glenlivet, is considered quite unique and has rarely been seen as a single malt until recent years. The stills at Braeval Distillery feature thin swan necks and upward sloping lyne arms – designed to create a light style of distillate. Let’s see how this affects the performance of the whisky! Enough talking, let’s go back to the whisky: Nose: Wildflowers, Fresh Peach, Honey, Vanilla and a little bit White Oak Palate: The floral aroma lingers, Honey, Banana and more Yellow Fruits Finish: Juicy fruits along with a hint of warm oak spice To find out more about John and our new Hong Kong office and offerings, get in touch today.