A tipple could help Hunt through his budget and investors through further inflation

City AM - 7 March, 2023

Simon Aron
For City AM

Whisky casks are quickly growing into one of the most popular “alternative assets”. The older the cask, the better it tastes, giving you a strong return that hedges against inflation, writes Simon Aron

"Next week, Jeremy Hunt will be forced to deliver a budget while inflation is still at over 10 percent. It is a tradition that the Chancellor is allowed to take a drink while delivering his fiscal plans for the next year; Hunt might be forgiven for reaching for a dram – or four. And savers and investors might also be tempted to cushion the blow of the impact on their savings and portfolios. But as we come to terms with the new economic normal, whisky aficionados and novices alike may find comfort in more than one way in Scotland’s biggest export."

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