A Dram to Celebrate: Cask Trade's Simon Aron Named in Spear's 500 top whisky advisors 2024


Cask Trade raises a toast this week to the incredible achievement of our very own CEO, Simon Aron. We are thrilled to announce that Simon has been recognised as one of the UK's leading advisors by being named in the prestigious Spear's 500 list Best Whisky Advisors 2024!

This recognition is far more than just an industry accolade. The Spear's 500 advisors list is a highly selective group, reserved for those who demonstrate exceptional expertise and dedication in guiding their clients towards financial success. Only 8 whisky advisors were included in the 2024 list, including our other director Colin Hampden-White. Inclusion in this list signifies Cask Trade's commitment to providing unparalleled service and innovative solutions for our high net worth (HNW) clientele.

Why This Matters to Cask Trade's HNW Customers

For our discerning customers, navigating the world of alternative investments can be challenging. Cask whisky, while an exciting asset class, demands a deep understanding of the market, an eye for quality, and a reliable partner to ensure a smooth and rewarding experience. Simon's inclusion in Spear's 500 is a powerful validation of Cask trade’s commitment to these very qualities.

Cask Trade's Journey: A Reflection of Simon's Vision

This prestigious recognition comes at a significant point in time for Cask Trade as we celebrate our fifth anniversary. Over this time we have witnessed tremendous growth and changes in the cask whisky market, ones that Cask Trade has been at the forefront of shaping. Simon has written about the achievements he’s most proud of here.

Just five years ago, the cask trading sector was a vastly different landscape. When Simon envisioned Cask Trade, he saw a gap in the market. There was a need for a platform that catered not just to buyers, but creating a marketplace for selling globally, as well as fostering  relationships with our industry’s independent bottlers who bring these exceptional single cask whiskies to market.

Looking Ahead: A Toast to the Future

We invite you to join us in raising a glass to Simon's outstanding achievement. It's a testament to his knowledge and expertise built over three decades. In Simon’s words; ‘the future of cask whisky is bright, with new distilleries emerging, and consumer interest in previously unknown whiskies is at an all-time high’. Simon's recognition in Spear's 500 reinforces Cask Trade's commitment to remaining at the forefront of this exciting journey.