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Ben Nevis 8 yr old Sherry Octave (2013)


Ben Nevis was established in 1825 and sits at the foot of its namesake – the tallest mountain in the British Isles. The distillery is enjoying an Asian renaissance of late, with interest in bottlings increasing significantly. Until the recent Japanese whisky regulation changes, Ben Nevis went towards the production of Nikka whisky. With this fact not widely known, the rising popularity is testament to the superb quality of the whisky. This 8 year old sherry expression provides a fine balance between the distilleries nutty spirit character and the intense sweet flavour from maturing in an octave. Octave comes from the Latin for eighth, in this case 40-50 litres in size – an eighth of a 500 litre sherry butt.

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Milroy’s of Soho 23 yr old (1993)


The Speyside Distillery opened in 1990, at a time when all most no one was opening distilleries. It has picked up multiple honours at the world whiskies awards of late and with the distillery set to close and move location, this whisky will become that from a lost distillery, a jewel in the crown of scotch whisky. This Milroy’s 23 year old is some of the oldest whisky from the distillery.

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Cambus 32 yr old (1988)


Founded in 1806, Cambus Distillery quickly established itself as a legend of blended scotch. Its grain whisky was so revered, that in the “what is whisky’’ trials at the turn of the 20th century, DCL used it to sway public opinion that grain could indeed be whisky – despite eventually losing the case. The distillery eventually closed in 1993 as part of Diageo’s restructuring, meaning that this 32 year old distilled in 1988 is that of a lost distillery. Beautifully creamy and imbued with vanilla notes, this dram is very much platter of sweet dessert flavours ranging from coconut to rhubarb custard.


Taken from a DCL advert in 1906: “the whisky with an individuality – notably different to all others in peculiar delicacy and charm of flavour – mild and mellow. Not a headache in a gallon.”

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Bunnahabhain 40 yr old (1980)


Bunnahabhain was founded in 1881 and looks over the Sound of Islay towards the iconic paps of Jura. It is known for being the unpeated Islay malt, and until recently had lagged behind the investment of the other Islay distilleries – despite being a firm favourite of locals. This 40 year old single malt from indie bottle Gleann Mor, was matured in a single refill sherry butt, before being bottled in 2020 as part of its Rare Finds series. Aromas of marmalade, pineapple strudel, vanilla, nougat and salty coastal breezes fill the nose, complemented by notes of tropical fruit, biscuits, honey, sweet oak spice, liquorice and candied orange peel throughout the palate.

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