Buying Casks

We make the process simple and transparent. Our team has numerous whisky experts to guide you on your journey through the process. Purchasing a cask with us is a journey, and we’ll be there with you every step of the way, including when you are ready to cash in on your cask.

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Why Cask Trade?

We own all the casks we sell meaning we stand by the quality and value of everything on our stock list. We’ll help you taste test the perfect whisky or rum for your needs and keep the cask safe and secure during its life cycle. We perform health checks, samples and tastings to ensure your whisky is always in top condition. No other company can boast these credentials, and we stand by this. With a number of in-house exit options, including our own auction site, the process is easy and transparent.

5 In-House Exit Strategies

We have the best in-house exit strategy options for you; Sell via our platform Auction Your Cask, let us buy it back, we can sell it on your behalf, bottle the cask, which we can also facilitate, or you can sell it privately.

World's Best Stock List

We have an unrivalled inventory of aged whisky and rum casks. As we are constantly buying and selling casks, our stock list rotates regularly, giving you a wide range of tastes and ages to choose from.

Transparent & Secure 

With nothing to hide, we pride ourselves on our transparency. Please feel free to visit us at our tasting room on Regent Street in London. From distillation to bottle, we can tell you the origin and history of liquid in your cask.

Stockists, not brokers

We own all the casks we sell, giving you not only a 100% transactional guarantee, but also the knowledge that we will manage, sample and quality control from day one. We treat your cask as a whisky and not just a commodity.

UK Based

Established under UK law and fully compliant and HMRC registered. We believe that compliance creates clarity, and understand that your cask needs to be with a reputable company.

What sets us apart from our competitors?

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