Our Story

Our goal is to create a moving marketplace for buying and selling spirit casks that is open to all.

We are Cask Trade.

Open Marketplace

By creating the largest whisky cask marketplace in the world, we are helping whisky lovers and alternative asset collectors to buy and sell casks of exceptional whisky.

Cask lifecycle

We take care of every cask through each stage of its life. From the date the whisky is distilled, to the day it has been aged to perfection.

Whisky Appreciation

We appreciate the art of making whisky. The uniqueness of the single cask, and the nose, palate and finish of a dram.

Our values


Transparency is often a misused word - trust needs to be earned. We believe that by doing things differently, we can make a difference.


Our combined knowledge of alternative assets, buying, selling, tasting and collecting, ensures that you – and your whisky - are in safe hands.


We are passionate about everything related to whisky - from how it’s made, to how it’s enjoyed. We want to share our passion and our knowledge, to help you become part of this exciting market.

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