Braeval Distillery Focus

Braeval Distillery Focus

Braeval Distillery is the sister distillery of Allt-a-Bhainne but is the much more attractive of the two on the eye. Even though they were both built at the same time the architectural styles couldn’t be more different. One is built in the post-war concrete style whilst Braeval is elegant and traditional with its white-washed buildings and tall pagoda roof.

Opened in 1973 by the famous Seagram group it was built with the intention of making high-quality fillings for their numerous blends. Interestingly the location was determined because Seagram believed that the famous Glenlivet Distillery (which their chairman Edgar Bronfman desperately wanted to buy), made great whisky because of its pure water source, so by building a distillery in the same valley then the stardust would in theory rub off on Braeval.

At the time it was even named Braes of Glenlivet to further link it with its illustrious neighbour. Moving into the 1980s blended Scotch whisky went into a sharp decline which caused many whisky companies to start closing distilleries. Around this time for example Brora, Rosebank, and Port Ellen all shut their doors. However, Seagram under the bold dynamic leadership of Edgar Bronfman bucked the trend and put all their distilleries (which by then did include The Glenlivet) into full-time production.

They had wagered that the Scotch Whisky Industry would turn around again and in the long term, they would put themselves in prime position by having an abundance of aged casks. This turned out to be correct. Braeval went from three pairs of stills to six with the capacity increased to 4.2 million litres.

From an investment perspective, Braeval is a very interesting proposition. It took until 2017 for the distillery to release any official Single Malt bottling, and even that was a Single Cask bottling of just a few hundred bottles. The following year limited edition 25, 27, and 30-year-old bottles were released for Travel Retail. These were very well received and showed just how good the liquid actually is. One suggestion because of the rarity factor is to test the water from time to time with our Auction Your Cask site. Set a high reserve and watch for the takers.

Personally, we’re big fans of the liquid. Older expressions were sweet and floral with a lovely complex finish and it’s such a shame this wonderful malt has been hidden away for most of its history. To conclude, Braeval Distillery makes great whisky. It also has illustrious owners in Chivas Brothers, and has the rarity factor in abundance. Assuming the price is right and the age of the cask suits then we would rate this a strong buy.

Fact File

Name: Braeval  

Founded: 1973 

Region: Speyside 

Owner: Pernod Ricard 

Capacity: 4.2m litres 

Stills: 6 

Fermentation: 70 Hours 

Peated/Unpeated: Unpeated 

Casks Used: Bourbon barrels and hogsheads 

Current Sales: N/A 

Recent significant awards: None entered 

Independent bottlings: Around 250 

Core Range: None 

We have a range of Braeval casks on our current stock list.
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The Cask Trade Trilogy

The Cask Trade Trilogy

Introducing The Cask Trade Trilogy

We are delighted to introduce you to The Cask Trade Trilogy, a limited edition trio of casks available in three unique expressions. (Limited to 1 per customer).

Using new make spirit distilled at the award-winning Speyside Distillery in Kingussie, Scotland, we will create three distinct whisky expressions– Bourbon, Sherry and Port Matured.

The Journey Begins

From the moment this classic Speyside spirit is filled into cask it starts to develop and take on the flavours ingrained in the wood. After three years the whisky will begin to evolve and gain the milestone of single malt status when you will be invited to take your first taste. From here you can choose to bottle it after five years or continue on the maturation journey.

A passionate purchase

The creation of this Trilogy is a first for Cask Trade and a truly exceptional opportunity for whisky enthusiasts and investors alike.

Like you, we are fanatical about whisky and believe the marrying of the liquid with the wood to create three different flavour profiles will be an extraordinary experience.

For the love of whisky

We have priced the casks keenly with passionate whisky enthusiasts in mind, offering you a fulfilling experience at an affordable price and one we believe is a good investment. The total Trilogy price is £5,000. We have included 5 years free storage and insurance for your convenience.

Trilogy Cask 1   

First-fill Bourbon Barrel

130 casks (100 Trilogy Sets)


Available now

Bourbon barrels are perfectly suited to maturing Scotch whisky. The bourbon they previously held softens the oak, ensuring a smooth and subtle whisky. These barrels have been made exclusively from American oak, giving the whisky a honeyed and vanilla characteristic.

Trilogy Cask 2 

Second-fill Sherry Hogshead

100 casks (100 Trilogy Sets)


Available now

The lingering flavours of the sherry are still present in the wood and these are shared with the maturing whisky. The profile is typically deep and sweet, fruity and nutty giving the whisky a distinctive colour and strong, rich flavour.

Trilogy Cask 3

Port Wine Barriques

100 casks (100 Trilogy Sets)


Available June 2021

The port barriques impart the vibrant fruit-filled flavour profile of the fortified wine giving the whisky a subtle ruby hue, often resulting in a richness and sweetness.

Join us on this journey

This limited-edition, unique trilogy allows for each customer to purchase one cask of each expression.

Rest assured, we will travel on this journey with you arranging samples at the different stages of maturation to provide your unique tasting experience.

If you’re interested and want to find out more, get in touch today.

Small print/terms and conditions

Purchase of The Cask Trade Trilogy is limited to one per customer.

Insurance and storage is included in the price for the first five years of ownership, beyond which it is chargeable. No refund for storage and insurance will be given if the cask is sold before five years.

In respect of Selling on, bottling, labels & packaging the following condition applies: 

If the New Make spirit has been matured: 

  1. For less than 15 years from the filled date the label & packaging can state: “distilled at Speyside Distillery” and “Speyside Distillery” WITH written approval from Cask Trade
  2. For 15 years or more from the filled date the label & packaging can state: “distilled at Speyside Distillery” and “Speyside Distillery” WITHOUT written approval from Cask Trade

In both cases the label & packaging need to comply with the Scotch Whisky Regulations and any relevant guidance issued by the Scotch Whisky Association. 

If any of the casks are sold on by you the bottling, labelling, and packaging Terms & Conditions will need to be passed onto the purchaser. 

Casks cannot be traded or moved for the first three years from the filing date. 

Samples can be requested for an additional charge.

Estimates of storage prices and insurance post five years can be provided.


There’s Something About a Secret Speyside…

There’s Something About a Secret Speyside…

Secret Speyside samples

Psst!…Can you keep a secret?

Would you like to get your hands on secret Speyside 12-year-old whisky?

We are very excited to be able to offer a parcel of limited-edition casks from an unnamed Speyside distillery.

Secret Speyside 12-year-old

From December 2008, this special Speyside 12-year-old comes from an unnamed Speyside distillery.

What we can tell you is the cask influence on the whisky has been magnificent and it could come from any number of well-known distilleries in the region. The spirit is very good quality and really epitomizes Speyside malt whisky.

As the colour shows, it has spent 12 years in bourbon hogsheads and it has taken on a great nose and flavour.

Ready for drinking now, it will only get better with age!

Three varieties

The beauty of this whisky is the hard part is done for you. Matured in bourbon hogsheads for 12 years it has now been re-casked into three varieties. All 82 casks are now filled to the brim because the angels have already had their share.

Ideal for bottlers as well as investors who can opt to take it to 15 years (three-year hold) or an 18 years old (six-year hold). In fact, we believe it can go longer to 21 years because of the reset at 12 years.

Cask of whisky

Three cask varietals:

  1. Refill oak (hogsheads & barrels) – This will give the least oak influence, retaining the style and flavour for some time and continuing maturation much as it would have done had the casks not been vatted. It could be kept for several years and allowed to further mature. Because the whisky is ready now for drinking it can be bottled now or at any point in the future.

  2. First fill bourbon barrels – These will perhaps have the greatest influence on flavour, the bourbon barrels will add a lot of oak and vanilla flavourings. The fudge and oak spice qualities will grow with the distillate fading a little. These barrels would be great bottled anytime from 6 months – to 9 years into the future.

  3. Second fill sherry hogsheads – Having been used in the finishing process previously these casks will retain much of their ability to give flavour and colour, without completely overwhelming the spirit. We would expect these to begin to mature after 12-18 months and continue for 9+ years.

Samples of the original whisky are available to taste. These samples won’t have changed much as they were only filled in the first two weeks of March 2021.

Originally distilled at 63% ABV, now at 57.6% ABV. This is cask strength typical, classic Speyside single malt.

Available from £4,000 per cask (£37.50 per RLA).

Interested to hear more about the secret Speyside? Get back to us soon before word gets out. Shhh!

Tasting Notes

Sweet at first with a cereal note mixed with vanilla fudge and red apple. Touches of apple skin and honeysuckle come through after a short while and sweet oak. There is very little nose prickle, and the whisky is smooth and well balanced. With a little air, there are hints of dried apricot and the vanilla fudge is joined by sponge cake. There are more savoury aromas of gorse flowers and a touch of oiliness when left to air for a while.

Very smooth and rich on the palate for a high strength whisky. Viscous and mouth-filling with a lovely mix of sweeter vanilla, honey and floral notes with spice and a touch of chilli heat. The oak comes through towards the back of the palate and is sweet and well balanced. Some baked fruit sits through the mid-palate bringing all the components together.

This whisky has a very long finish for a 13-year-old. Predominantly spicy with sweet toasty oak. The chilli heat persists right the way through the finish which has waves of sweet and savoury flavours until it becomes dry at the very end.

A complex, rich and balanced whisky already, especially for a 12-year-old Speyside. It has a great mouthfeel and a very satisfying palate and finish. It could be bottled now and will only gain complexity in cask.

Tasting Notes by Sir Colin Hampden-White.


Speyside Distillery Focus

Speyside Distillery Focus

Nestled inside the magnificent Cairngorm National Park is the Speyside distillery. Opened in 1990 Speyside distillery didn’t show up on anybody’s radar until the new owners took over in 2012. Since then they have released some very exciting expressions. From a 12/18 and 27-year-old to 12-year-old peated cask and a 12-year-old port cask. However, what investors should certainly pay close attention to are their three cask strength versions. Tenne (Port finish), Trutina (Bourbon), and Fumare (Peated – Bourbon cask). These expressions will tell you how well this whisky ages in the cask.

Speyside Distillery

Recently we introduced an opportunity for investors to purchase what we called The Cask Trade Trilogy. This consists of three casks of Speyside new-make spirit aged in three different casks. To view Sir Colin Hampden-White and Phil Huckle taste indicative samples of the tasty trio click here. Speyside distillery really is producing some fantastic liquid!

The distillery is currently producing about 600,000 litres per year with a fermentation time of between 70-120 hours. We would describe their whisky as quite light in style but with a wonderful depth of flavour. Brand Executive Phil’s tasting notes when trying their bourbon cask talked of lots of floral, honey, citrus and grassy notes.

Branded SPEY Casks

From an investor’s point of view, not only is Speyside a rising star that is bound to surprise people in the future, but it is incredible value for money. Also, it is becoming increasingly popular in the all-important Asian market and right now is already very popular in Taiwan. We can’t recommend this distillery enough!

Fact File

Name: Speyside 

Founded: 1990 

Region: Speyside 

Owner: Speyside Distillers 

Capacity: 600,000 litres 

Stills: 2 

Fermentation: Varied 70-120 hours 

Peated/Unpeated: Unpeated 

Casks Used: Bourbon, sherry, port. 

Current Sales: N/A 

Recent significant awards: 2021 San Francisco World Spirit Awards – Gold Medal Spey Trutina, Silver Medal Spey Fumare. 

Independent bottlings: Around 150 

Core Range: Tenne NAS, Trutina NAS, Fumare NAS, 10, 12 Peated Cask, 12 Port Cask.

We have a range of Speyside casks on our current stock list. To find out more about investing in Speyside Distillery casks, contact The Masters today!

Mackmyra Distillery Focus

Mackmyra Distillery Focus


Mackmyra is a relatively new distillery, having started distilling in 2002. The inspiration for the distillery started when a group of friends on a ski trip had brought with them a bottle of whisky for their host. The conversation then started about creating a high-quality Swedish whisky. Three years later their dream had become a reality and in 2006 they released their first expression. (It sold out quicker than Rolling Stones tickets!).

Fjäderholmarna island

In 2011 Mackmyra opened up their ground-breakingly innovative Gravity Distillery. The seven-story building starts with the local malted Swedish barley going in on the top floor. Every floor down is another step in the process, with distillation occurring on the second floor. The new-make spirit then comes out on the ground floor. The distillery uses all the latest energy-efficient devices which makes Mackmyra one of the ‘greenest’ whiskies in the world.

Much of Mackmyra is aged in local Swedish oak. This is very different from your traditional American white oak as the trees grow much slower in the much colder climate. This imparts a spicier, fiery quality to the whisky, which is balanced by a vanilla sugar sweetness that is also prevalent. Mackmyra does also use American and Sherry casks in its aging, and these are also worth looking out for. Another innovative project that Mackmyra has started is finishing their whiskies in a whole range of casks. These include ones that have previously contained lingonberry wine, cloudberry wine, roasted coffee beans, cherry wine, beer & rum. Exciting times ahead.

Mackmyra samples

For the future, we do believe that the reputation of Mackmyra is going to continue to grow. In the cool climate of Sweden, their whisky is only going to continue to improve with age and become highly collectible. If you have a couple of spare kronor, then you know what to do.

Mackmyra Gravity Distillery

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Paul John Distillery Focus

Paul John Distillery Focus


Paul John’s Single malt distillery is located in Goa and they make their whisky the Scottish way using a double distillation of malted barley. The wash comes in though at quite a low 5% ABV (rather than the usual 8%) and this gives a much sweeter taste. After distillation, the new-make spirit will go into the cask at 55% and after four/five years of aging in the tropical heat, the final product comes in at around 57% for their Single Casks. It’s worth pointing out that the tropical monsoon climate of Goa ages the whisky very fast as compared to Scotland and just four or five years in that climate could be argued to be the equivalent of 12-15yrs in the Highlands.

The Indian-made copper pot stills produce about two million litres of spirit per year and maturation actually takes place in underground cellars, which whilst cooler than the outside temperature, the angels share is very high, as temperatures regularly hit 35c+. Paul John uses a mixture of Bourbon & Sherry casks and interestingly makes some smoky batches using peat imported from Scotland.

New World Whisky

Whisky aficionados in the know are getting more and more excited about this wonderful distillery. Recently Paul John was awarded one of the Top Three whiskies in the world in the 2020 World Whisky Awards and has a whole slew of gold medals from every award show imaginable. Make a note, Paul John is quickly rising in the whisky ranks.

To find out more about New World Whisky Investment (and the exciting new additions to our stock list), contact The Masters today!