Orkney Island’s Cask

The Orkneys sit just above the Scottish mainland and it is certainly a mysterious magical place steeped in folklore and strange traditions. The local culture certainly feels different and this has translated into the whisky-making with both of the island’s distilleries making very unique high-quality Malts. Whilst they have very different styles, from an investment point of view there are many similarities.

Both are owned by famous powerful whisky companies, and both are very sought after by whisky enthusiasts, collectors and investors alike. They both produce Malt whisky which is absolutely from the top drawer and both are steeped in fascinating history and heritage. One distillery produces a very robust powerful malt that is full of spice, heather, hints of smoke and is also fragrant and honeyed. The other smaller distillery produces soft, sweet, smooth, light, floral malts with strong hints of citrus and honey.

From an investment point of view if the cask says Orkney then as there are only two distilleries it is cast iron that you are buying into a top division malt. If the price is right then it will be a valuable addition to any portfolio.

We are due to receive an exciting delivery of Secret Orkney Malt to add to our stock list. Watch this space…! To find out more about investing in Orkney Malt casks, contact The Masters today!