NEW ARRIVAL – JURA barrel 2009

Two of our latest arrivals are 2009 Jura casks – AYS 14/11/2009. This is a very rare opportunity as Jura casks are unique and difficult to come by. This cask is not quite ready to be bottled just yet and we’d recommend it as a 3-4 year investment. Or if you’re patient – a 6 year investment. Relatively short ferments mean that this is a whisky that needs time (or active casks) to open fully.

Jura distillery has been licensed since 1810 and was re-established much later as a classic 1960s distillery. – Large rooms, a clear flow from a semi-lauter tun, stainless steel washbacks, and a capacious stillhouse with 7.7m tall stills with capacity in excess of 20,000 litres.

It began being sold as single malt in 1974, and the range has grown steadily since. The start of peating saw some smoky-whisky in the Superstition brand launched in 2002, while a 100% smoked Prophecy was released in 2009. A typical characteristic of Jura whisky is in oily and salty taste.

Fun Fact! – George Orwell lived on Jura and finished his book 1984 on the island.

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