Benriach Distillery Focus

Benriach was opened in 1897 in the late Victorian era but the distillery only lasted three years until it closed in 1900. It then lay dormant next to its older brother (the Longmorn distillery) until it was re-opened 65 years later. The Seagram company then used it to make Malt for its numerous blends. It wasn’t until Billy Walker and his South African business partners bought the distillery in 2004 that finally Benriach started to emerge from the shadows. What the new owners discovered is that they had uncovered a real Speyside gem. Almost immediately they started releasing a plethora of exciting expressions using different cask finishes. These included Madeira, Moscatel, Sauternes plus a peated cask and older vintages like the 45yr old. 

The capacity is up to 2.8m litres per year. They have even started making a few batches of a heavily peated malt and a triple distilled malt. This is done and using both short and long fermentations. Benriach will generally have quite an earthy, nutty, spicy profile with a lot of sweet stoned fruit flavours. 

The Malt enthusiasts are starting to rave about Benriach. We think it has real long term potential. We always think it’s worth looking at who the owners are. In Benriach’s case they are in very good hands and it’s exciting to think about where this distillery will be in 5/10/20 years.

We currently have a range of 2011 & 2012 Benriach hogsheads and sherry butts on our stock list. To find out more about investing in Benriach casks, contact The Masters today!