Auchentoshan, triple-distilled, delicious and in stock!

Auchentoshan is arguably one of the most exceptional distilleries in Scotland; it’s the only one to continuously produce a triple-distilled spirit.

This gives Auchentoshan a distinctly sweet, clean and delicate character that has superb ageing potential. Old Auchentoshans are among the most desired whiskies in the world. Using three stills makes the spirit consistently lighter and purer. The inspiration may have come from Ireland where triple distillation was more common in the 19th century while Scotland was known for producing heavier spirit.

The distillery is on the western outskirts of Glasgow. Founded in the 1800, Auchentoshan is run by Morrison Bowmore Distillers who also run Glen Garioch and Bowmore. While it’s a familiar sight on supermarket shelves, single casks and independent bottlings are exceedingly rare.

We are thrilled to have a 1997 barrel in stock!

Tasting notes

  • Auchentoshan barrel – distilled on 04/12/1997

RLA of 66.8 at 48.8% ABV

Estimated 196 bottles at cask strength


Rich and warming with butterscotch, praline, meadow flowers, white grape, toasted brioche and honeysuckle.


Sweet and fruity with a light spice. Baked apples, toffee, honeysuckle and cake frosting with a rich mouthfeel.


Rich and toasty with subtle lingering toasted malt and spices.

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