Ardmore Distillery Focus 

Ardmore is located right on the Highlands/Speyside border in the middle of the rural Aberdeenshire wilderness. Opened in 1898 it has a similar story to many distilleries opened in the late Victorian era. Blended whisky was booming. The distillery was opened in an area that had a water, barley, peat supply right next to the railway. For most of its history Ardmore was hidden away from Malt enthusiasts.  It was one of the key malts in the Teachers Blend. Although when Beam/Suntory took over in 2006 things rapidly started to change. The new owners started to release Single Malt expressions including several well-received 25yr & 30yr olds. 

We’d describe Ardmore as a light to medium peated malt with a ppm of 12-14. This is interspersed with the light smoke is vanilla, orchard fruits and floral notes…Interestingly sales of their Single Malt bottlings are now up to about 60,000 9l cases globally. This has combined with a steady decline in sales of the Teacher blend. It seems to have built up a bit of a following with many Malt aficionados and is certainly a distillery to watch. 

We currently have a range of 2009 & 2010 Ardmore barrels on our stock list. To find out more about investing in Ardmore casks, contact The Masters today!