An Expensive Hobby or a Smart Investment?

Why would you buy a cask of 2019 newly-made spirit from a new distillery when for a third of the price you could have a cask of whisky from a reputable distillery?(it must be, legally, over three years old)

Whisky investment

When looking to invest in a cask, one of the most popular options is to purchase a barrel of new-make whisky from a new distillery. It’s a great experience and highly romantic. It often includes a trip to the warehouse, a round of golf and storage included for 10 years. However, there is a downside to all the pomp and circumstance.

The prices you are charged (often over £4000) reflect the value of a fully mature 10-year-old whisky, not new-make spirit. In most cases, as a ‘custodian’, you cannot sell your cask in-bond for profit and are restricted to bottling your cask. Therefore, it’s not an investment, it’s an expensive hobby. Not all new distilleries are successful either. You have no way of knowing if a business that’s only just started will still be going, or have any sort of reputation, in 10 years’ time.


For the serious investor…

For the serious investor, there’s another, better, option. We sell casks of single malt whisky from established distilleries. Such as GlenAllachie, the Speyside Distillery, Glen Moray, Glen Ord, Blair Athol and more. Conveniently, there’s already a buzzing community of independent bottlers and collectors for these whiskies. Therefore, it makes it the perfect opportunity for anyone looking to buy a cask at a young age, for a medium to long-term investment.

You can own one for as little at £1,500. Held in bond, you are free to trade these casks for profit, draw samples, or bottle yourself with your own personalised label.

These casks are not new-make. They’re already over three years old and legally whisky. That’s three years less that you have to wait to realise your investment.

Invest into cask whisky – video – We asked a few people about their own experience with investing into casks of whisky and here’s what they have to say about it.

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