Glen Garioch – Complex, Balanced and Affordable!

Glen Garioch – Complex, Balanced and Affordable!

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Let’s talk about Glen Garioch!


Glen Garioch (pronounced ‘Geery’) is one of the very oldest whisky distilleries. It was established in 1797 in an area of Aberdeenshire. – Renowned for producing the finest barley in all of Scotland.

Glen Garioch is owned by Suntory (who also own the world-famous Yamazaki and Bowmore distilleries) and is popular in duty free and the Asian market. These distilleries produce millions of litres of spirit a year. In comparison, Glen Garioch remains a small distillery, distilling  700,000 litres a year. It focuses on tradition and quality.

The whisky

The distillate, while capable of producing excellent young releases, is best aged for over 15 years. Old releases of Glen Garioch are renowned for being especially complex and balanced. Especially when aged in the more sympathetic subtle traditional ‘refill’ bourbon casks.

When tasting the samples of our 2008 casks, we were delighted to find that they exemplified this distillery’s unique character with plenty of sweet malt and delicate floral flavours.

In stock!

Our casks were distilled in October of 2008, being currently 11 years old. I would recommend holding them for at least four years until they are 15 years old. But these would ideally be bottled at 18 years old, a true sweet-spot for this whisky.

These have been in high demand and if you are interested in learning more, do not hesitate to get in touch with us! 

Leo tried a different 2008 Glen Garioch cask to James’, to compare, find out what he thought about it – on Youtube!